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Stop wasting time recreating bugs

Instead of spending ages pestering testers and customers for help recreating an issue, just press play and see what they saw.

See how it works
Sooner or later, every developer will have this conversation with their client, their boss or their testers.
  • The website's broken, can you fix it?
  • Sure thing. What's wrong?
  • Erm, it's broken.
  • Ok. How did it break then?
  • No idea. So, when will it be fixed?
They may be a technophobe. They may have found an intermittent issue. They may just not know what happened. In any case, wouldn't it be nice to be able to see exactly what happened?
BrowserSpy is a small JavaScript file that sits on your application during the testing or demonstration part of the build cycle that records all the users' interaction with it - all mouse events, all keyboard strokes and all HTTP calls made. In fact, it listens to the whole DOM.
  • AJAX/HTTP calls
  • Browser information
  • JavaScript console messages
  • Images and CSS files
  • Zero dependencies
  • HTML
  • Keyboard strokes
  • Mouse clicks and position
  • Works in browser and on mobile
  • Does not pollute code